CONSORTIUM DIPLOMATIQUE EUROPÉEN (further in the text "CDE") was primarily established with the purpose of humanitarian aid in natural disasters in the world. Our organization also enjoys the status of an organization that works in the public interest in the field of foreign affairs in the face of natural and other disasters.

The main goal of the organization was developed at the time of its establishment, and there are also many parallel activities that cover them locally in the micro location as a global world.

An important aspect of our work is also to participate in the various humanitarian projects needed for natural disasters. We strive to create a forum where members of the organization meet with representatives of the government and other state institutions in a particular country. Thus, we can solve problems immediately in the required location as soon as possible after event.

In this segment, members of the organization put in an active role, which gives our efforts additional impetus.

CDE Activity

Local (individual country - humanitarian aid) - organization and logistics:

  • Help in the event of natural disasters
  • Preparing goods after natural disasters
  • Preparation for natural disasters restoration
  • Renovation after natural disasters
  • Humanitarian actions
  • State counseling at a high level of country
  • Logistical intervention in special cases of state needs
  • Human rights
  • International counseling
  • International logistics

International - Organization and Logistics in the Areas of the World in:

  • EU area
  • Areas of the Balkans
  • Africa area
  • Asia area
  • Middle East area
  • Central America's area
  • South America's area
  • The area of seas and oceans
  • glacial areas

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Areas of CDE operation

The organization operates in these areas that are not limited, namely:

  • Economic
  • Humanitarian
  • Agricultural
  • School
  • Scientific and research
  • Information
  • Defense-protection
  • Production
  • Environmental and ecological
  • Traffic
  • Legal Affairs
  • Security
  • Human rights

The areas are distributed according to members and a department of each member's operation. The departments are also combined in case of need for a specific purpose.

The areas are not limited to a particular country and have an international effect.

The organization is also preparing cooperation with other similar EU and other global organizations in terms of cooperation at a high diplomatic level.

With some organizations, they are (whether) will be discussed by cooperation, namely:

  • EU Commission
  • UNHRC - Human Rights Office
  • UNHCR- Refugee Office
  • WHO - World Health Organization
  • Loyal organizations and societies in countries
  • Links with firefighting societies in Austria, Germany, Italy, Balkans, ...
  • As well as with others in terms of better organization of assistance and cooperation

CDE Member Duties

Members are obliged to respect the following duties and obligations:

  • Protect the interests and reputation of the organization, its institutions and institutions;
  • To carry out the tasks as derived from the provisions and internal acts of the CDE;
  • Act in accordance with the provisions of the CDE on the basis of the powers, guidelines and instructions of the Presidency of the Organization and/or other institutions;
  • Protect the rights and interests of the EU citizens and legal entities;
  • Act within the principles of international law and to comply with the provisions of international diplomatic and consular law;
  • Report to the Presidency of the Organization and/or Head of the Representation ongoing, accurately and objectively on matters regarding the performance of tasks, on findings and information relevant to the interests of the organization;
  • To execute the tasks given by the president or the head of the mission;
  • Protect property, equipment, documents and data;
  • Comply with the regulations, customs and rules of conduct and protocol rules in all countries and missions;
  • Work and live the title appropriate.

CDE Co-operation

CDE has already established contacts and cooperation with some fire brigades, civil protection, and other institutions in Austria, Germany, Italy, and the Balkans and continues to build and strengthen these connections. The purpose of the cooperation is to exchange experience and knowledge in the field of rescue in disasters, coordinate operations in the event of major disasters, and improve preparedness for various disaster scenarios.

The exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of disaster relief is key to improving efficiency and effectiveness in responding to various disasters. It is also important to cooperate and coordinate operations in the event of major accidents because this is the only way to ensure that adequate help and support are provided to those who need it in the shortest possible time.


The general vision of the CDE Organization is to improve cooperation and coordination with other organizations and institutions operating in similar fields. This can improve efficiency and achievement of goals and enable better coordination in providing assistance and addressing various challenges.

The goal is to increase efficiency and effectiveness in combating the various challenges we face in today's world.

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Mo-Fr 9:00-11:00

Location: Oder 20

Email: info(at)

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